Drawing digitally can be one of the most exciting things to do in life, well for me of course. It’s like you can do — draw anything you want. So right now, I’m going to share my knowledge on how you can draw an Anime character using Paint Tool Sai.

Basically, what is Paint Tool Sai? If you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop they are the same (in terms of drawing of course), since PS can be used in other purposes too. If you want to draw an anime style character, I encourage you to use Paint Tool Sai.

–> If you already know the basics of drawing an anime character, and just want an upgrade from traditional method going to the digital method, this might come in handy for you 🙂

TOOLS you need:

  • Paint Tool Sai 
  • Graphics Tablet
  • Music (so you won’t get bored) 😛
  • LASTLY, patience 🙂

To start, open Paint Tool Sai.

Go to File > New. You’ll see this dialogue box:


So key in your preferred size which would be based on your drawing’s page orientation – if it is landscape or portrait.

After that you should start doing a pattern and guidelines of your drawing. You should use a lighter color so it will not affect your outline (later). AND, make sure you are using the PEN Tool.

REMEMBER: Always create a new layer for every color or parts that you do not want to include on a particular part of your drawing. For example, when coloring, always create a new layer for the hair color, color of the clothes, and so on.


Basically, I made the body language pattern, this is what most professionals do in order to assure that the body language of their drawings are perfect. You can use cross lines on the face to help you in positioning the eyes, nose, and lips. The circles, are the joints. So you would not have a hard time in aligning the body parts.

Next, I used another color to draw the details (such as the face, hair, clothes, etc), before using a black color on the official outline.


VOILA! Just continue with your outline and you’ll get something like this:


BUT, that’s not it 😛

Next, you have to trace now the official outlines using a black ink.


Notice that I changed the position of the hands, I kinda like it this way LOL. After putting the outlines, you now have to use the BRUSH tool for the colors.


In order for you not to lost track of the colors you are using, create a new layer for the color palettes — which are the big circles of different colors. Also, create a new layer per part, as I have mentioned above.


Complete the colors of the drawing and you will have this:


To blend the colors for a shadowy effect, use the AIRBRUSH tool to put in the colors, Then use the BLUR tool for a smoother blending.

So basically, I have shown you the basics of how to use Paint Tool Sai for beginners. If you want to add more details, Adobe Photoshop is also the best way to do so.

Also, if you want to convert it to .psd, just open File > Save as…, then choose PSD. 🙂

Just get creative and add some effects using Photoshop or change the angle, then you’ll get this:

Anime Girl with Gun2

I hope you appreciate my tutorial 😀

Next, I’ll show how to blend the colors and some techniques in detail 🙂 Just keep on drawing ^___^


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